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Hey all you bloggers! As of today, I am a girl on the move. Which in my life currently…means many different things. The word “move” can represent how I’m a girl CONSTANTLY on the move…living this exciting, spontaneous life…on-going and constant! Another specific meaning for what I’m deciding to call this…is above all the biggest meaning…I’m moving across the country! I’ve lived in LA for the last 8 years…it’s home! And even though it’s the hardest most exciting, spontaneous, sad, crazy, wonderful thing I’ve ever done…I’m leaving to follow my dream. I like to think of it as starting a new chapter…new people, new places, new sights..everything NEW! It’s bittersweet, like dark chocolate. I’m so excited to get to Nashville I can BARELY EVEN CONTAIN MYSELF….however, on the down side, I’m leaving my home, my friends, my church, my life basically to start over brand new, somewhere I’ve been only a few times but know VERY well how much of a home it already is in my heart. NOW….that’s whatcha call spontaneous 😉 haha. It’s, as you can imagine, a hard thing to do. But you all know that feeling, when you have absolutely no clue what you’re doing….but you do! haha, it’s funny…I know this is SO right, even though I feel crazy! ANYWHO…I’m probably rambling like my normal self, so I should just skip ahead to the last few weeks up until today! I’m sure by now, you all get the big picture of what’s been changing and goin’ on lately. Over the last few weeks my family and me have been BUSY BEES! I’ve moved 9 times in my lifetime….that…is…insane. Can you believe 9 times?! Though, only ONCE was it across the country..the last time that occurred I was only 5 years old! I can barely remember. This time it’s way different…I’m a teenager, these years (according to my very wise mother) are my adamant years…my friends are supposedly going to mean the most to me right now and over the next few years of high school. It’s much harder than I expected it to be. Today was actually fairly easy compared to these last few weeks! Hard to believe huh? You’d think that the day of the move would be the hardest…you really realize that you’re leaving for good! At least that’s how I expected it to be. But in all honesty last week and probably the week before were my hardest days. I experienced my last day of youth group last wednesday, with all my friends, cried my eyes out…and of course the week before I cried so much I don’t think my tear ducts can even function right anymore haha! 😛 We’ve made such good friends in California, so many memories, and such a home! Today…I had to watch my mom say goodbye to her best friend for 8 years…now that was hard. She’s hurting just as bad as I am. My sister had to leave her gym that she’s been attached to for 4 years! Gymnastics is her life! She’s there 4 days a week for 4 hours each day. All of her best friends are there…and you can imagine how close she is with her teammates! They made her a scrap book that made ME cry! haha:) It’s ALL CRAZY. So I’ve been talking about all this hurt and how absurdly hard this is….but what is the point I’m getting to? What’s the upside to it? WELL like I said…it may be spontaneous…but it’s exciting! So many opportunities are open for me..my whole life is about to change! It’s beyond exciting! So many exciting things are to come…and so many amazing people are gonna come into my life! I really can’t wait. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE Nashville…with all my heart and soul….it’s my favorite city in the world and WHAT BETTER THAN TO LIVE THERE! It’s going to be an amazing journey…I can feel it. 🙂 Today was a crazy day…so chaotic! Last minute packing, we got a late start, and eventually got on the road! We have two pets, Pedro a chihuahua and Princess a cat. We had to literally sedate Princess or else we would’ve had the most massive headache we would’ve ever felt from constant “meows”…so she was basically a drunk cat for the last 8 hours. :O I know this drive is gonna be fun but..haha crazy! We had to practically sneak the cat into a motel 6 because eventually her pills wore off of course. AAAAND after a long day of driving….we are SO wiped. I’m now in Needles, California. Tomorrow will be a day FULL of driving and crossing the California state line, What a week this is going to be. I will miss everyone and miss LA….but this new chapter, I feel is worth it. I’m now officially a girl on the move…excited for my journey of “news”!


About Aria Summer

I'm a singer/songwriter country artist as well as an actress, excited to tell the world about this exciting life I've been blessed to be able to live:) hope ya'll like my online journal
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