oh crazy day :)

Good morning starshines! The Earth says hello! haha gotta love that johnny depp 😉 GO HUG YOUR MOM READER! RIGHT NOW….I mean it, I am not writing ONE word until you’ve successfully given your old momma a hug and shown her some luuuvvvvv 😉 okay I trust you have. I certainly have big reasons to show my momma some love and at least if not more, hug her, everyday. Especially lately….she’s doing so much for me! I mean, how many moms would just pick up and MOVE all the way across the country for her daughters happiness and dreams?! She’s a special one 😉 Love you momma! ANYWAYS….today was a rad day. ha I like that word….rad..short for radical…cool word. ha sorry for my marveling of rad. but YES my day was RAD! Eventually, while driving through Arizona AND New Mexico, there comes a point many many times, where there is no civilization PERIOD. No food, and no place to pee :(. We were so mad, because we hadn’t eaten breakfast when we got on the road and while getting out of the city, there appeared to be no food. We finally found a Mcdonald’s. Yay. After eating, I slept for what I think was about 2 hours!! It hit me all of a sudden, late night traveling. It was a good nap:) I dreamt of the Zac Brown Band…we were friends. Good dream good dream. We finished off New Mexico and went through the tiny city of Amarillo, Texas. We only had to go through the corner of Texas and then Oklahoma next:) all the way up to Amarillo there was signs stating that ONE Texas Roadhouse had a….are you ready for this……72 OUNCE STEAK!!!! Holy cow! (haha holy cow, clever huh) Can you imagine!? That’s like half a cow! The condition to putting this 72. oz. steak up for diners to (I dont even know if you call eating that dining) order is if you can eat that whole 72. oz steak WHOLE…it’s FREE. No cost. I’m not positive….but with some A1, a lot of praying that I wouldn’t die and become obese, a LOT of time, and a mighty large fork…I might could accomplish that amazing accomplishment. MIGHT. I just might have to go back someday and set that record 😉 knowing me and my steak fetish. I would probably never eat red meat again after that. SO….after leaving the city of the 72. oz. steak, we got bored and a friend of ours told us we should count the pick up trucks we saw while in Texas. MY OH MY……I thnk they should call Texas “the mighty state of trucks” we counted 190 within a 3 mile radius!! There are a LOT of truck owners in the state of Texas….just sayin’. Along Texas’ two lane highways…we not only saw many many trucks…but how about some roadkill! We saw maybe 5 dead armadillos…and what we think to be the remains of an ostrich or an emu….don’t ask me how an animal like that ended up on the freeway. just dont. We eventually made it out of the tiny corner of Texas, after many gags from……yes intense roadkill. WADDUP OKLAHOMA! By this time, I might add, after three days of driving, we had in insect cemetery on our windshield. Every kind of bug that could pass through these states had met its life’s end on our windshield….rest in peace bugs rest in peace….life is tough. PEE BREAK….I’ve heard that phrase so many times over the last few days…you really realize how much you have to pee all the time and HOW BAD IT REALLY HURTS when there’s not always a toilet at your convenience. Speaking of bathrooms…I feel bad for the person that goes into my stall after my stomach releases all this disgusting food I’ve consumed on this trip…..our meals have consisted of Sonic twice, Mcdonalds twice, slim-jims, reeses peanut butter cups, chewy laffy taffies, pork rhines, coke, OH MY GOSH I CAN TAKE TYPING ANY MORE OF IT. When we get to Nashville….my diet and exercising are CRITICAL…!! I will never eat like this again…I VOW never. On a brighter note….music of course, being my heart and soul, has been an adamant part of this trip! My iPod is my best friend….and my second best friend is my Baby Taylor….THANK GOODNESS for Baby Taylors….the best traveling buddies EVER! Definitely makes writing in the car a lot easier and a lot of fun 😀 Wow I’ve written a lot….sorry readers…I ramble if you haven’t noticed. But for a roadtrip…this is a lot to talk about! It’s excitingggggg. Anywho…I’m in the car right now…watching my mom strung out on coffee and my sister who is out in the back seat curled up with our little puppy….if I could attach a picture, I would. MOST ADORABLE THING EVER. 🙂 btw current favorite song: My Town – Montgomery Gentry. ❤ I’m pretty sure tomorrow is our last day driving….FINALLY TENNESSEE! Exciting times coming 🙂 Gonna crash for the night. Later gatorsss:)) P.S.! I ALMOST FORGOT! We passed through Checotah, Oklahoma….MISS CARRE UNDERWOOD’S HOMETOWN! Definitely cool.


About Aria Summer

I'm a singer/songwriter country artist as well as an actress, excited to tell the world about this exciting life I've been blessed to be able to live:) hope ya'll like my online journal
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5 Responses to oh crazy day :)

  1. You’re a awesome writer Aria! Your blog entries are interesting. You’re going to be a hit in Nashville. Pretty soon people are going to be talking about your home town like you talked about Carrie Underwoods! Enjoy Tennessee!

  2. Jake says:

    Wow, even though it was just passing through, you were in a city i’ve been in ! Amarillo is big compared to where i’m at in NW oklahoma haha.

  3. Hi! My name is Aria, too! I really loved your character on iCarly and I’m glad to find you on the internet!! I hope you have a great week.

  4. Mel Fraase says:

    *posted for Aria Melody by mom 🙂 *

  5. Marlee says:

    Hey Aria, I’m a big fan! I love those Roxy Hunter movies and I want to know if you are making any more! You’re great at writing (lots of details even some that I din’t want to know) and I love your blog!

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