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oh crazy day :)

Good morning starshines! The Earth says hello! haha gotta love that johnny depp 😉 GO HUG YOUR MOM READER! RIGHT NOW….I mean it, I am not writing ONE word until you’ve successfully given your old momma a hug and shown … Continue reading

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can you say Grand Canyon?:)

Hey there readers:) today is day 2 on our roadtrip….and man, i’m only about 18 hours into driving and I’m ALREADY sick of riding..I’m definitely the kinda person that has to be up and at em’, so needless to say, … Continue reading

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hello blog world:)

Hey all you bloggers! As of today, I am a girl on the move. Which in my life currently…means many different things. The word “move” can represent how I’m a girl CONSTANTLY on the move…living this exciting, spontaneous life…on-going and … Continue reading

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